why glass?

glass is

Because of its flawless surface, glass is easily sanitized with your choice of liquid disinfectants. Rubbing alcohol works well. This ease of cleaning allows for simple, safe anal play, or use with multiple partners.

glass is incredibly smooth

This allows you to use natural and synthetic lubricant in smaller quantities, and keeps things slippery for longer during use.

glass is strong

Our dildos are slowly cooled (annealed) over 24 hours in a high end, computer-controlled electric oven. Safety is our number one concern. Standard Glass takes special pride in our quality of production, and our careful attention to the smallest details. Because of this, our glass toys are extremely strong and reliable.

glass is
very dense

Solid glass gives it a pleasing heft in the hand. Density also allows the dildo to remain cool or radiate warmth quite well.